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Make your smartwatch pop!

Just Black
299.00 kr
Rainbow Pride
349.00 kr
The Leopard
299.00 kr
Yellow Flower
299.00 kr
For everyones equalities!

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90's Band
299.00 kr
Beautiful savannah
299.00 kr
Bengal Cat
299.00 kr
Blue Camouflage
299.00 kr

Blossombands for Samsung!

Collection - Jewelry

Scrunchie Bands for Smartwatch.

Fits all Apple Watch models & Fitbit
Get your smartwatch to pop with Blossombands ™

Now you can stand out from the crowd with these unique straps for your smartwatch or fitbit. Our unique Scrunchie Bands for Apple Watch and Fitbit fit all Apple Watch models and the latest Fitbit models.

The target group is strong, young, brave, confident and cocky new generation women who are fashion-conscious and tech-interested!

Our range offers

Flower patterns
One color patterns
Animal patterns
Poppy Colors

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